As you are probably aware, we are in the midst of the COVID- 19 pandemic. In order to meet the Government’s social distancing guidelines, we are now offering treatment options to most of our patients  through Tele-rehabilitation.

What is Tele-rehabilitation? 

Tele-rehabilitation is the remote delivery of physiotherapy services through telephone or the internet. Since most of us already have access to the technology required to participate in Telerehabilitation, we can make use of it to minimize exposure to COVID 19. From the comfort of your own home, you can have access to your physiotherapist. 

How does it work?

You will need a phone, tablet or a computer with microphone, camera and connection to the internet. Once you book an appointment, you will be provided with an online link through email or text message. Clicking on the link will take you to a virtual clinic with video and audio feed from your physiotherapist. It is that simple. 

Am I a suitable candidate for Telerehabilitation?

If you are in pain from a neuromusculoskeletal condition and are not able to meet the day to day demands of your life, Telerehabilitation offers you a means to access care that is not otherwise available due to physical distancing rules. Other conditions that could potentially be treated through Telerehab include dizziness, concussion, TMJ and pelvic health.  If you are above the age of 60 and/or have other health conditions that put you in a high risk category for COVID 19, or simply wish to minimize your community exposure, you can benefit from Telerehabilitation. 

Is it safe?

The platform used by Acadia Physical Therapy and Health Centre does not request or store any personal information. Communication between the physiotherapist and patient is end to end encrypted. No video recordings are made.

What can I expect during a session?

Your physiotherapist will ask you questions regarding your symptoms and functional limitations. You may also discuss any concerns that you have related to your Neuromusculoskeletal system. You will receive advice from your physiotherapist on how to mitigate your symptoms and improve your day to day function. You will also receive an exercise program with instructions on how to perform them. Needless to say, a hands-on physical exam is not possible in the virtual clinic. However, during this COVID 19 pandemic, Telerehabilitation offers the best way forward by providing care while at the same time meeting physical distancing rules.

Who pays for Telerehabilitation?

For those injured at work, WCB will cover the cost of Telerehabilitation assessment and treatments.
If your condition is not related to work or a motor vehicle accident, coverage for Telerehabilitation through extended health insurance will depend on your plan and will need to be clarified with your insurance provider (sunlife, blue cross, great west life etc).
For those injured in motor vehicle accidents, approval for Telerehabilitation has to be sought on a case by case basis from your adjuster.
Alberta Health services has now agreed to provide limited coverage for Telerehabilitation.

How can physiotherapy be provided without hands-on treatment or needling?

The purpose of all physiotherapy is to aid movement. A well designed exercise program that takes into account your functional limitations and your life goals combined with education and counseling is the means to achieve the objective of improved movement and efficient day to day function. Hands-on treatment, Electrotherapy, Acupuncture and Dry needling are often used as adjuncts to an exercise program and not meant to replace it. During these critical times one has to weigh the risk of exposure to COVID 19 against the benefit of offering face-to-face treatments. In a significant number of cases, telerehabilitation can substantively replicate on-site treatment.

How do I book an appointment?

Please call 780-4731681 or email