Fractures and Surgeries 


Acadia Physiotherapy provides Alberta Health Services funded physiotherapy services

Acadia Physical therapy is one of the premier centers in North Edmonton that provides AHS funded rehabilitation for Fractures and Surgeries.


AHS funded rehabilitation after Hip replacement or Knee Replacement surgery

Acadia Physical therapy provides AHS funded group therapy sessions for Hip and Knee Replacements. The current AHS service delivery model for Hip and Knee rehabilitation group therapy sessions. You will enjoy meeting, interacting and recovering with people in your own community who are going through the same journey as you. The first assessment visit will be a 1-1 session with your physical therapist.

Service Access for post-surgery rehabilitation

If the surgery has happened within the last 12 weeks, you are eligible for  an Assessment. Please contact us to book your appointment.

If your surgery occurred more than 12 weeks ago, AHS does not guarantee coverage. We will submit a re-imbursement request  you would need to initially pay for your assessment privately. Upon completing the assessment, we will then submit a re-imbursement request to AHS.

Please bring in your hospital discharge  to your appointment. Additional referral is not needed to access AHS funded rehabilitation services.


WCB and MVA related rehabilitation 

AHS funding for surgery or fracture rehabilitation will only apply toward non-Motor vehicle accident or non-Workers compensation related injuries.

If you were involved in a Motor-Vehicle accident and have had a Surgery or Fracture, you would need to contact your Insurance company first. Please see our MVA page for more information.

If you were involved in a work related accident that resulted in a Surgery or Fracture, it would be considered a WCB claim. Please visit our WCB page for more information.