Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is becoming more widely accepted again due to a growing public awareness of the effects of stress on health, and a wider acceptance of alternative or complementary therapies.


In contemporary society, where most communication is done electronically and any touch is often considered inappropriate, there is increasing personal isolation and a dearth of physical contact. For many, it’s not just paying someone to help them relax, it’s about maintaining health.

Historically, Massage has been part of the treatment for muscular and arthritic conditions, sports injuries, and chronic pain.The NIH is funding studies to quantify the medical benefits of massage. The White House Committee on CAM Policy has released a paper calling for more research and more public education. Some of the healing properties of massage may come simply from being touched by another human being.

Massage does decrease anxiety reliably. It does decrease pain in a number of people with chronic pain syndromes. It does improve mood.

Massage Therapy at Acadia Physical therapy is offered within the context of the Physiotherapy clinic. Massage Therapists working at Acadia adhere to all applicable regulations and licensing requirements, keep all certifications current and maintain professional communication with clients, referral sources and insurers consistent with scientific practice, defined scope and experience.

Massage Services

  • One-hour massage.
  • Half-hour massage.

Other durations are available, fees are proportionate. Hot stone and other combinations may be available. Please enquire if you have specific requests.

Hours Of Operation

Mon – Fri
7:30 am - 8:00 pm
Saturday, Sunday, Stat Holidays-