MVA/ Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

How Acadia can help you

Being involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident is a stressful experience. Victims are required to deal with paper work and procedures while recovering with the injuries related to the accident. We understand what our patients are going through. We provide a support throughout your recovery process. We deal with most insurance companies directly, coordinate treatment requests, approvals and billing on your behalf, so you do not have to.

We have a multi-disciplinary team of professionals including Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists and Psychologists who work together to get you back to your pre-accident normal.

Please see below some of the most Frequently asked questions asked by our MVA patients.

Why do I need a Physiotherapy Assessment?

When you first seek the assistance of a Physiotherapist, they can help manage the pain and inflammation during the acute initial stage of the injury. Patients most commonly experience Whiplash symptoms after a Motor Vehicle Accident. Some patients may have experienced trauma or concussion after your injury. During your first visit, your Physiotherapist will identify what treatments are needed. They will provide all the necessary referrals and recommendations that are required for your recovery. Click here  to find out what Physiotherapy entails.


I did not have serious injuries like a surgery or facture why am I still in pain?

Whiplash or WAD (Whiplash Associated Disorders) are one of the most injuries resulting from a Motor Vehicle Accident. Whiplash occurs as a result of the sudden acceleration and deceleration commonly from a car accident. You may experience pain in the neck and back or radiating pain to the shoulders and arms, tingling and numbness. Pins and needles in the arms and legs and headaches are some common complaints. Dizziness and Jaw pain are sometimes present. 

Please consult a physiotherapist for an in-depth evaluation of your symptoms. 

Why do I have symptoms several months after?

A small percentage of patients continue to experience symptoms for a long time. There is no single explanation that accounts for everybody’s chronic pain. Some common elements found in chronic WAD are signs of nerve injury, subtle brain injury, psychological distress and altered nervous system processing. A detailed assessment is necessary in every case to identify causal factors and tailor a treatment approach accordingly. 

How will my MVA insurance claim work?

Dealing with Insurance claims can be complicated and involves a lot of paper work and processes. We are here to help you understand the injury claims process in Alberta and provide assistance where we can. Please see our MVA guide that explains how MVA claims are standardized in the province of Alberta.


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