What is a Psychology professional?

A Psychologist is a mental health professional trained to assess, diagnose, and treat mental health behaviours. Psychology is a regulated profession in Alberta. Acadia’s Psychologists are registered with College of Alberta Psychologists at


Psychology services in a Physical therapy setting

Many of our patients who suffer from chronic pain often have concurrent psychological conditions such as Anxiety, Depression, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Psychological factors often mediate the transition from acute to chronic pain states. Victims of trauma such as automobile accidents often find it difficult to regulate their thoughts, feelings, moods, and behaviours. They may often feel shook-up / anxious / depressed / numb / generally uneasy. Many have problems with memory, attention, concentration, or experience phobias. Others prefer to be by themselves, or withdraw from people and avoid activities they once enjoyed or experienced no difficulty in doing. Still others have disturbing dreams or flashbacks and have difficulty sleeping. Some may be angry or on edge all the time, while others may retreat to alcohol as a way of coping.

At Acadia we believe that psychological factors have a big influence on a patient’s physical recovery. We believe that being able to offer a multi-disciplinary approach to rehab under one roof will provide the best outcome for our patients. 

What does the typical session involve?

Our psychologist will perform an assessment that could include an interview, formal and informal observations, and administration of questionnaires to arrive at a diagnosis. The goal of therapy is to teach sufferers to regain a degree of control over their experiences and overcome their sense of helplessness and emotional distress. This is done through a combination of strategies that include: education, relaxation training, cognitive restructuring, self monitoring and pacing, structured daily plans, etc.

A typical session will last approximately fifty minutes to an hour. It may vary depending on your needs and the kind of activities being done.

Funding and Doctors' Referrals

Psychological services are a benefit under several healthcare plans. The extent of coverage is dependent on your individual plan. If you are the victim of a Motor Vehicle Collision, your MVA insurance may cover the cost of assessment and treatment.

A Physician referral is not generally required to see a psychologist. However, your insurance company may require a Physician’s referral before they will cover the cost of therapy sessions.